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Drilling down into #OWS hashtags

October 28, 2011

The #OWS database can do more than just show which tags are most popular. It can also let you see how these tags are being used and by whom. The starting point for this analysis is the Top Hashtags report. This report has two links for each tag. You can click the tag name to [...]

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Boost your tweet visibility with hashtags

October 27, 2011

One of the best ways to reach Twitter users who aren’t already following you is to make your tweets more visible in search tools, like or Tweetdeck. The key is knowing which tags to include. The #OWS tweet database shows that thousands of different tags are used in tweets about the Occupy movement. But [...]

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#OWS tweet collection restarted on a new server

October 24, 2011

Last week we tried collecting all tweets for the Occupy movement, but found that the flow was too much for the server we used. There were twice as many tweets containing #ows, #occupy, and #occupywallstreet as for the entire 2012 election. We moved this system to a much bigger server, and started it again this [...]

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We’re going to need a bigger server

October 17, 2011

It doesn’t look like the server I’m using for tweet collection can handle the flow of tweets with #ows, #occupy, and #occupywallstreet. The load got too high, so I stopped the data collection. I’ll have to move this system to one of our bigger servers later this week. But we did collect data for 3 [...]

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