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Herman Cain

#CainWreck makes a boom, #Newt capitalizes

December 3, 2011

As Herman Cain exits the 2012 Presidential race, his competitors bid farewell. Newt Gingrich has done the best job, coming up with the most shared tweets. These were clearly well thought out, and sent just as Cain announced so that media outlets would include signs of Gingrich’s good will. Gingrich capitalizing on the CainWreck makes [...]

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Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Scandal, pt.2

November 8, 2011

Last week Herman Cain broke a record, getting more mentions in a single day than any other GOP candidate ever had. Barack Obama was the only politician to have received more mentions in one day, and only twice: when Congress raised the debt ceiling and when he killed Osama Bin Laden. With a fourth woman accusing Cain of sexual harassment, Cain received more mentions than the first day POLITICO broke the story, and even more mentions than Obama got for killing Bin Laden!

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Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

October 31, 2011

UPDATE: This story has been quoted in the Washington Post. Last night POLITICO broke a sexual harassment story on Cain that’s set Twitter on fire: During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior [...]

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The Fall of Rick Perry and Rise of Herman Cain

October 10, 2011

I’ve been following the 2012 Presidential race full-time since the beginning of 2011, and it has been fascinating to watch the Tea Party shift their support from candidate to candidate with each set of debates. The first GOP debate in South Carolina in early May launched Herman Cain into the limelight. The “Cain Train” lost [...]

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