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Michele Bachmann

Evolution of “Bachmann’s husband is gay”

August 31, 2011

Candidate’s spouses don’t usually get much attention, but Michele Bachmann is an exception. Almost 7% of all tweets mentioning Bachmann also include the word ‘husband’, while only 0.07% of tweets about other 2012 GOP candidates mention ‘wife’. The amazing fact is that half of the tweets mentioning her husband also include the word ‘gay’. Since [...]

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Who reacted to Bachmann’s comments on God?

August 30, 2011

Yesterday’s statement from @MicheleBachmann that the recent hurricane and earthquake were a warning from God generated a lot of buzz on Twitter, with 8,091 tweets sent containing ‘bachmann’ and ‘god’. But who was doing all the tweeting? Was the religious right commenting on this, or was the left using this as another excuse to paint [...]

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Most retweeted mentioners of Michele Bachmann

August 17, 2011

Most Retweeted Mentioners of Michele Bachmann @BorowitzReport 4,271 RTs @ConanOBrien 3,263 RTs @SethMacFarlane 7,709 RTs @FrankConniff 2,087 RTs @RBReich 1,506 RTs @RollingStone 1,274 RTs @andersoncooper 1,247 RTs @JohnFugelsang 1,179 RTs @HuffingtonPost 1,154 RTs @ChicoDelainky 1,053 RTs Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport) has earned his ranking as the most retweeted mentioner of Michele Bachmann by tweeting about her [...]

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Life of a tweet meme: The Bachmann-Elvis Gaffe

August 16, 2011

The most popular tweets at the top of our site are a great way to watch a new meme when it first appears, and this afternoon it was filled with tweets about @MicheleBachmann wishing Elvis a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. Our database tracks every tweet for every 2012 GOP candidate, [...]

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