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Mitt Romney

Obama, Romney Ignoring Their Best Attacks

August 31, 2012

You may have thought this year’s presidential election was brutal on the airwaves and the stump, but the battle has also been raging nonstop on Twitter. If you heard an attack anywhere, it was most likely tweeted several times as well. This provides an incredible opportunity to see which messages resonate or fall flat. Continue [...]

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Is Mitt Romney Buying Twitter Followers?

July 21, 2012

I’m not saying he bought them, but Romney’s follower stats have taken a sharp and sudden rise since Friday 5PM EST. Could it be a weekend blitz? Twitter noticed. Personally, I think this is too obvious for the Romney campaign to have done. It’s more likely somebody is trying to plant a story to embarrass [...]

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Mitt Romney is the Opposite of Robin Hood

June 18, 2012

Republicans will sacrifice the needs of the many for the greed of the few. — Four More Years (@4More) June 16, 2012 Mitt Romney helps the rich at the expense of the poor. That has been our most effective line of attack based on a thorough analysis of retweet counts. The above tweet was one [...]

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What would Romney do?

June 8, 2012

Funny enough, few people are talking about what Obama or Romney would do if elected. Mitt Romney refuses to detail his plans, such as what departments he would cut. Polls have shown repeatedly that people like hearing about “spending cuts” but hate hearing about what actual programs would be eliminated. In Massachusetts, Romney admitted he [...]

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Search Mitt Romney’s Tweets

April 16, 2012

Here’s a fun feature: use the input below to search every tweet @MittRomney has ever sent.One search I like is “women.” Mitt Romney never addressed women as a group before Santorum dropped out and the General Election began. Governor Romney was finally forced to address women directly, and used the opportunity to attack Obama three [...]

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GOP Primary Attacks on @MittRomney

April 14, 2012

Two days ago the Washington Post published a timely piece titled, “How YouTube and Twitter are hurting Mitt Romney.” Aaron Blake (@FixAaron) and Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) argue YouTube, Twitter, and other New Media will make Romney’s shift to the center during the general election all the harder, basically because we have Mitt on tape. Of [...]

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The Primary is finally over, the War begins

April 11, 2012

It’s over! Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primaries to avoid a bruising defeat in his home-state of Pennsylvania that would cast serious doubts on his more serious 2016 candidacy. We will welcome him back in three years as a “major contender for the GOP front-runner,” and the “true social conservative” facing the fiscal [...]

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Reactions to the Romney-Perry Feud

October 19, 2011

I’ve been having fun with word clouds tonight, so I decided to put one more together. The best part of tonight’s CNN debate, from an entertainment standpoint, was the face-off between Governors Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. It’s hard to say whether it will play out better for Romney or Perry, although I think the [...]

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@MittRomney: Tweeting about Obama, not fellow GOP

July 25, 2011

Nobody can help but notice that @MittRomney has a single goal in his run for the GOP nomination: attack Obama. While @MicheleBachmann and @TimPawlenty quarrel with one another in Iowa, Romney stays above the fray by remaining in his bunker. A quick look at tweets from Romney’s account confirms this. In the past month, Romney [...]

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