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Political Tweeting Rules

Political Tweeting Rule #2: Inject yourself into the current meme

August 17, 2011

Rule #1 of political tweeting is “Give them something to retweet”, and one of the best ways of following that rule is to create a retweetable tweet that rides the current wave. @TheDonaldTrump is a master of catching a wave and putting himself at the front. A recent example was his tweet in response to [...]

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Political Tweeting Rule #1: Give them something to retweet

August 15, 2011

In honor of Tim Pawlenty leaving the 2012 race, I want to use his most retweeted tweet ever as a great example of the most important rule for political tweeting. Supporters want a chance to retweet as a way of saying “This candidate knows exactly how I feel.” Its like a tiny political brochure that [...]

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