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Obama, Romney Ignoring Their Best Attacks

August 31, 2012

You may have thought this year’s presidential election was brutal on the airwaves and the stump, but the battle has also been raging nonstop on Twitter. If you heard an attack anywhere, it was most likely tweeted several times as well. This provides an incredible opportunity to see which messages resonate or fall flat. Continue [...]

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Leverage Twitter for campaign endorsements.

July 23, 2012

This is a guest post from Ben Donahower. Ben is an experienced campaign operative who has worked on small town mayor races to presidentials and everything in between. You can connect with Ben at his blog, Campaign Trail Yard Signs. When people think about endorsements, they commonly picture high profile or celebrity endorsements that include [...]

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Is Mitt Romney Buying Twitter Followers?

July 21, 2012

I’m not saying he bought them, but Romney’s follower stats have taken a sharp and sudden rise since Friday 5PM EST. Could it be a weekend blitz? Twitter noticed. Personally, I think this is too obvious for the Romney campaign to have done. It’s more likely somebody is trying to plant a story to embarrass [...]

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5 Lessons From Obama’s Twitter Town Hall

June 15, 2012

Twitter town halls have become a popular campaign tool during this presidential election season. That’s why campaign strategist David Axelrod followed President Barack Obama’s economic speech in Ohio yesterday with a power-packed Q&A, sending 28 tweets and re-tweets through the @BarackObama account in as many minutes. Certainly, an endless stream of presidential and congressional candidates [...]

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TwitChimp: Manage and Embed Twitter Lists

April 10, 2012

On the Twitter development side, we’ve been working on a directory website that is quickly becoming a full-fledged list manager: TwitChimp. Soon you will be able to import lists you’ve created on Twitter, re-arrange and annotate, then embed them onto your website. Below is the first instance of a custom Twitter profile widget, with a [...]

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Donating Tweets to Political Campaigns

January 9, 2012

We have had a glowing article from Mashable, and a major attack from techPresident. Both Alex Fitzpatrick from Mashable and Nick Judd from techPresident have covered us before, with varying levels of positive, neutral, and negative responses. Donating Tweets is a new idea in Twitter campaigning used to some degree by and They [...]

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Building a Successful Twitter Campaign

January 5, 2012

NOTE: See How the Internet Saved Buddy Roemer’s Presidential Campaign, just published on Mashable. Then check out how we can boost your political campaign on Twitter. So you want to build a campaign on Twitter for your non-profit, political candidate, or business. Our specialty at is the 2012 election, with a current focus on [...]

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Announcing Twitter Campaign for Buddy Roemer

November 30, 2011

Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer announced today he would be using the services of to enhance his campaign on Twitter. See the Press Release here → If you haven’t heard from Roemer lately, check him out on Morning Joe yesterday. Limiting campaign contributions to $100 per individual, rejecting PAC or special interest money, and being [...]

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10 Ways Twitter Boosts Political Campaigns

November 19, 2011

With Twitter spurring political upheavals across the globe, it would be naïve to entertain the notion that this new medium for mass social communication won’t fundamentally alter the political process here in the United States. Yet most political campaigns, which spend millions on television and online advertising, have failed to invest in the platform beyond [...]

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Locating voters through Twitter

November 16, 2011

UPDATE: We were quoted in this related Mashable article: How Political Campaigns Can Turn Social Media Support Into Votes The holy grail of politics on Twitter has been identifying the geographic location of users. We get asked for a solution to this problem all the time. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it seems. There [...]

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Twitter Predicts Polls [VISUAL]

November 11, 2011

UPDATE Nov. 14: This story has been quoted in Mashable. Today’s CBS News poll is the top tweet and breaking story of the morning, with Herman Cain leading the 2012 GOP and Newt Gingrich gaining, tied for second with Mitt Romney. That’s no surprise to us at 140elect. Thanks to our Twitter tracking and metrics, [...]

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