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Are 70% of Obama’s followers fake? No.

August 28, 2012

I feel a bit responsible for this crazed obsession with fake followers permeating the press. It all began with a strange follower spike Mitt Romney experienced last month. Now it has come to a head with a new app by StatusPeople. Depending on where you read about it, between 30% to 70% of Obama’s followers [...]

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Connecting Democratic Voters

January 24, 2012

Now that the number of GOP candidates for president are dwindling down to a precious few, we are going to be making a shift in focus. For the past year we have been tracking and analyzing the battle for the GOP nomination on Twitter through our and sites. This work will continue, but [...]

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Twitter Predicts Polls [VISUAL]

November 11, 2011

UPDATE Nov. 14: This story has been quoted in Mashable. Today’s CBS News poll is the top tweet and breaking story of the morning, with Herman Cain leading the 2012 GOP and Newt Gingrich gaining, tied for second with Mitt Romney. That’s no surprise to us at 140elect. Thanks to our Twitter tracking and metrics, [...]

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Twitter says nobody cares about Perry

October 19, 2011

October has been a tough month for Rick Perry. His Tea Party supporters have left him en masse after the three September debates, and flocked to Herman Cain. Last week, I put together statistics on the number of mentions Perry, Cain, and Romney have received each day. People have largely stopped talking about Perry. New [...]

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Whose getting the most followers?

August 25, 2011

Rick Perry has been dominating the 2012 Election in August. His announcement was the most retweeted of any announcement by a GOP Candidate. In fact, with 1105 retweets, it was the most shared tweet by a GOP Candidate ever, at the time. This brought in a wave of new followers, which accounts for the first [...]

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Perry’s huge announcement bounce in followers

August 14, 2011

Followers Added Rick Perry 6,402 Newt Gingrich 3,476 Mitt Romney 1,663 Herman Cain 1,552 Jon Huntsman 1,548 Michele Bachmann 978 Ron Paul 855 Tim Pawlenty 823 The day of a presidential announcement is usually one of the best for picking up new followers. This rule held true for Rick Perry yesterday, as he gained the [...]

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