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Twitter Consulting Services

Tweeting is easy. Getting tangible results from Twitter is hard. That’s where 140Elect comes to the rescue. We will create a customized Twitter campaign that grows your account, activates your supporters, and brings in donations. Contact us today to get started.

Twitter Campaign Account Building
Engage with supporters:

  • Tools for account management with tweet scheduling, follower targeting, activity alerts
  • Dashboard with reports and charts for real-time account metrics
  • Daily email with political tweeting advice written for your campaign

Custom Twitter Pages for your Campaign Website
Custom web pages with full Twitter client features:

  • Engagement page for Twitter supporters to discover and retweet the most effective tweets
  • Supporter leaderboard page to highlight your most influential supporters on Twitter
  • Town hall page for Twitter chats and rallies
  • Donated tweet page that lets your supporters spread your tweet messages for you

Twitter Campaign Research Tools and Alerts
Real-time analysis of all tweets by and about your candidate and issues:

  • Identify the tweets and hashtags that resonate the most with voters
  • Identify key influencers and supporters based on their followers and retweet level
  • Identify active and potential supporters in your target state and cities
  • Take advantage of trending Twitter hashtags and memes as soon as they appear
  • Receive email alerts on critical tweets for rapid response

Twitter Opposition Research Tools and Alerts
Real-time reports on all tweets by and about your opponents and their issues:

  • Identify the attack tweets and hashtags that resonate the most with voters
  • Inject your messages into your opponents’ tweet stream by using their trending hashtags
  • Receive email alerts on critical tweets for rapid response
We build and boost Twitter campaigns using a powerful combination of tools, metrics, and strategy. Our work engages and organizes communities to take action for nonprofits, political candidates, and businesses. We handle any or all of your Twitter needs, including messaging, fundraising, targeting followers, account management, analytics, supporter websites, mobile apps, and design.
Customized Tools
Automation is the essential time-saver to any serious Twitter campaign. It isn’t practical to be at a computer all day, clicking follow until your eyes glaze over. Add quality targeted followers, schedule tweeting throughout the day, get email alerts for important tweets you don’t want to miss, unlock the power of direct messaging turned into a mail merge campaign, and dive into a treasure trove of data mining opportunities.
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Tracking and Metrics
Effective strategy begins with solid intelligence and measurable objectives. Tailored reports detail your area’s relevant and influential users, effective messaging, and reach-boosting tags. Twitter activity is tracked in real-time, so you never wait valuable days to see what people were saying. Sentiment analysis turns millions of conversations into the world’s largest focus group. Optimize your efforts through multiple iterations.
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Strategic Planning
Tools and metrics are best leveraged in support of a comprehensive strategy. We understand how to integrate Twitter into your existing messaging efforts seamlessly, so you always speak with a unified voice. Yet Twitter is different, and we hyper-specialize in Twitter activism, campaigning, fundraising and organizing, with the judgment and expertise that translate into an effective campaign.
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Websites and Mobile
The best way to spread a message is to have others do it. Twitter provides a unique opportunity for supporter engagement. Our websites create communities of interest that help supporters connect and organize for collective action. Mobile apps bring you to the cutting-edge, making it easy for supporters to share your messages all the time. Turn your followers into advocates and fundraisers.
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Contact Us

The simplest way to get started is to call or email to schedule a free initial consultation.
This generally lasts from 20 to 40 minutes, after which we will deliver a detailed proposal for the work that seems best suited to your needs.

Call Zach at (650) 644-6688

Email Zach at

Follow Zach on @140elect

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