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As Conventions Wrap, Democrats Win Round One of Social Media Fight

Sept 07 2012 by Charlie Warzel and Christopher Heine

Volume is all well and good, but does it translate to real, actionable votes? Political Twitter consultant Zach Green of 140elect seems to think it can, especially with the youth vote. “With younger voters there is an ‘everyone is doing it’ and ‘it is cool’ factor. With Twitter, younger voters can see all their friends talking about the campaign and get a sense that ‘we’re all in this together.’” Green also notes that the Obama grassroots strategy centers on an idea that people are more likely to vote based on those they know who are invested in the campaign rather than the actual issues. “For many, Twitter could be that kind of energizer,” he said.

New service Politwoops may violate Twitter’s Terms of Service

May 31 2012 by Charlie Warzel

However, it appears though that Politwoops’ collection of tweets would constitute content not “organically displayed on Twitter,” specifically, material that “was unfavorited or deleted” might actually a violation of the terms of service. 140elect’s Zach Green, a political Twitter consultant (with no affiliation to the social network) notes that Twitter “historically cracks down only when somebody complains” in these situations. “Twitter’s real goal seems to be to keep users satisfied and protect their rights,” said Green. “The truth is that Twitter is too big and they don’t have the necessary staff and manpower to crack down on every single violation,” Green said, noting that he fully supports Politwoops’ service.

Did Obama’s Twitter Town Hall Miss the Mark?

May 25 2012 by Charlie Warzel

The event averaged just 107 retweets, as reported by, a firm tracking political trends on Twitter. To be fair, the localized Twitter meet-up was not highly publicized; but its viral impact could have been a lot stronger, argued 140elect co-founder Zach Green, who blames poor tweet messaging. On his blog, Green argued that context surrounding a tweet is the most important factor of engagement and that a string of contiguous policy tweets might get lost in the scrum of one’s crowded Twitter feed. “Each tweet must stand alone,” Green wrote on his blog. “Twitter is about placing ideas into discrete packages.”

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