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New York Times

Occupy Movement Focuses on Staying Current on Social Networks

by Jennifer Preston on November 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street’s online visibility could also diminish if other events, like the protests in Egypt this week, pick up momentum and drive the conversation online. Or they could help bolster it.
Another firm,, which tracks political trends online, noted a rise in tweets in the last week that shared content from both the Occupy movement and Egypt, according to the firm’s co-founder, Adam Green.
Mr. Green also observed that the conversation on Twitter was shifting from what was taking place inside the Occupy encampments to major news about the movement and other large protests around the world, including Egypt.

Republicans Gather (Virtually) for Twitter Debate

A handful of Republican Presidential candidates took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and came up with 140-character answers to a wide range of questions during the first debate to be held on Twitter for the 2012 contest.

Adam Green from Lexington, Mass., who along with his son, Zach, co-founded 140Elect LLC, which produced the platform that was used to present the questions and answers from candidates. Mr. Green, a Twitter developer for the last two years, said the goal is to use the platform for more debates and discussions for candidates from both parties during the upcoming elections.

“What I really enjoyed was when they allowed the candidates to respond freely and then the candidates were all tweeting at the same time,” Mr. Green said. “I would like to find better ways to get the public involved in the debate stream.”

Mr. Green said that he counted 22,400 unique visitors to the website during the debate, and there were 14,000 tweets that used the @140townhall handle.

Based on an analysis of the Twitter posts, he said that Mr. Cain was the candidate who got the most Retweets – which means his responses to questions during the debate on Twitter were shared the most frequently by Twitter users. Mrs. Bachmann’s Twitter handle, @teambachmann, was mentioned more than that of any other participating candidate.

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