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Direct Message influencers using SocialBro.

by Zach Green on January 20, 2013

in Twitter Campaign Tips

Want to Direct Message (DM) a few people, but not sure where to begin? SocialBro can help you find and DM your most influential followers. Remember, you can only DM followers, up to 250 per day. Here’s how in five steps:

1. Create an account at Social Bro:

Create your account –> go to the Dashboard –> Enter email and password –> Sign In with Twitter. Then you should be in the app. Wait for synchronization to complete. If you have a problem with synchronization, try their Chrome app. It works for my biggest accounts with 40,000 followers.

2. Click your account on the top left and choose Followers.

3. Choose list view on the bottom to see their bios.

4. Click the DM button on the top right of each user you want to send a message. A box will open at the top to send your message. See this post on how to write DMs for Twitterbombs.

5A. Make sure you follow each person you DM so they can DM back.

5B. Select users you DM but aren’t following and press follow at the bottom.

Note: Bulk DMing is a sensitive issue. Use it with caution. Twitter is constantly fighting DM spam.
If users who receive DMs report you for spam then it is possible for your account to be suspended.
If you are simply setting up a Twitterbomb, and inviting people you think will want to participate, there should be no problem.

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