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Announcing Twitter Campaign for Buddy Roemer

by Zach Green on November 30, 2011

in Buddy Roemer,Twitter Consulting

Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer announced today he would be using the services of to enhance his campaign on Twitter. See the Press Release here →

If you haven’t heard from Roemer lately, check him out on Morning Joe yesterday.

Limiting campaign contributions to $100 per individual, rejecting PAC or special interest money, and being excluded from presidential debates have all turned Governor Roemer’s fight for White House into an uphill battle. Twitter now provides the best opportunity to bypass the mainstream blockade on his candidacy. As he tweeted on October 11th: “Twitter epitomizes all that is right in America: transparency, dialogue, and an open forum for citizen debate. God bless social media”.

This Twitter campaign will be unique. It will be transparent. Governor Buddy Roemer is committed to fighting the secrecy of special interests in Washington. In this spirit, every piece of 140elect’s work for Governor Roemer will be open, shared and publicly accessible on

Too many campaigns operate in secret, trying desperately to control the public narrative. Twitter provides the opportunity to make campaigns not only open to the public, but part of the public, organizing and energizing supporters, then listening closely as the best ideas coalesce. Twitter is the technological platform that enables Roemer’s political platform: mass communication created by the people and not Wall Street funding.

Consulting for the Roemer campaign dovetails nicely with our Twitter projects for Occupy Wall Street. Roemer is the only candidate to throw his full support behind the movement, as you can see in our post on Roemer’s use of Twitter last month. We were not working for, or in communication with, the Roemer campaign at the time of writing that article.

Which brings us to the important point, following this immediate disclosure and call for transparency, we will add disclaimers to our major election sites. We will continue to maintain objective statistics on the candidates at, and subjectively analyzing the candidates’ uses of Twitter here at 140elect. The only change on these sites is that we will be documenting every step taken in this Twitter campaign.

That’s right. All analysis that the Roemer campaign receives will also be posted right here. All tools, metrics, reports, and so on will be documented or provided directly. Stay tuned.

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