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Twitter War: #obama2012 vs. #mitt2012

Nobody wins a political debate between two people. Romney and Obama won’t be debating this Fall to convince each other of anything, they will be dueling for public opinion. The key is an audience, and that’s what Twitter provides. Last month we released a dedicated page to track the battle between Obama and Romney. As the general election has heated up, surrogates for both camps have begun bringing their tussle to Twitter. Everyone enjoys when Obama strategist @DavidAxelrod and Romney strategist @EricFerhn tangle, as detailed by this great article via @FixRachel (h/t @ngjennings). It would also be a shame to miss the simmering war between Obama Director of Rapid Response @Lis_Smith and Romney Press Secretary @andreamsaul, which are even better in my opinion. Obama Press Secretary @BenLaBolt also jumps into these debates, whether asked or not, so we threw his tweets in for good measure.

Watch the battle below, as we aggregate all tweets by these five members of the campaigns that mention one another.

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